Hot Sauce Bar is the first curation brand of the craft hot sauces in Japan. To launch this brand, I was asked to create a brand identity and a website.


They carry craft hot sauces from all over the world and each of the sauces is very unique and different. To show the idea, the primary logo is built within a square shape with each letter having different angles, sizes and weight.

The color pallete is inspired by the vivrant color of chili peppers, the main ingredients of craft hot sauces, and I used black strokes as a graphic element to make the colorful pallet more consistant and balanced out.

The pattern is where all the colors get together in one place, and represents the the smooth texture of craft hot sauces in not too literal ways. The pattern is used sparingly to add a little bit of surprise to the brand.

Photography : Gabriel Cabrera

Prop styling : Carl Ostberg

Food styling : Bri Bodoin

Services : Brand identity, art direction, website design, graphic design

Project completed : August 2019